Friday, February 6, 2009

Gallery 2009

Follow Our Lead, watercolor and ink, sold

Crowded by Emptiness, watercolor and mixed media, sold, (limited edition prints available)

Star, (major arcana, part of The Taro Card show) watercolor and ink, sold

Death by Sugar, watercolor and ink, Sold

Origin of Dreams: Alice, watercolor and ink on wood panel, sold.

Origin of Dreams: Swarm, watercolor and Ink on Wood Panel, sold

Insignificant Death, watercolor & ink, sold, (limited edition prints available)

The Celebration of Life, watercolor &ink, sold

Prey, watercolor & Ink, sold (limited edition prints available)

Drawing (love me forever), watercolor & Ink, available at The CAVE Gallery

Drawing (in purple), watercolor & Ink, sold.

What Do You Know About Me, watercolor & Ink, Sold (limited edition prints available)

Her Mistake, watercolor & Ink, sold (limited edition prints available)

Reach, watercolor & Ink, sold

Insecurity As a Cuttlefish, watercolor & Ink, Sold (limited edition prints available)

The Sacred Bond, watercolor & Ink, Sold (limited edition prints available)

Bloom, watercolor & Ink, sold (limited edition prints available)

a little silly piece for LA myth show, "the chain-mail soul collector", sold


designani said... your work..remember me? we meet in Facebook, I put your blog in my link blog...

have a nice day babe...=D

Morgaine Faye said...

Hi, nice stuff, I wandered here from Naomi's blog. You have a nice art nouveau flavor to your art, and a wonderful sense of color. keep up the good work.

Christopher Moonlight said...

I really love your stuff. I think I'd like to put you in my art magazine (Moonlight Art Magazine) at some point. Please contact me through my blog.

-Christopher Moonlight

mili.roussel said...

Oh my god. your Work is so wonderful !! I love !
I am french and i searched for artists on the web. I really love your work.

Heidi Alamanda said...

Your work is incredible. Great job!

Jonny Gomez said...

nice blog Danni.


Modé said...

love your work! i added your blog on my page. thanks for your wonderful art!

Eugenio Enrique said...

Wowww!! your art is a delightful, I'm really impressed with such beauty...Oh la-la! wonderful art!!

Hi Danni! what a pleasure to know from you, well, I invite you to take a look at my blog, and give me a comment, really appreciate it!