Saturday, March 12, 2011

Other things 2011

new drawing process video is up on SketchTheatre website,
this one is for 2011 year of the bunny,
check it out, hope you like it~  n_n

I recently joined the Art Community of Blue Canvas.  It's similar to Society 6, except it also has a physical magazine publication.
thanks to everyone's support, in just 1 week after joining, my works has made it into the highest ranked list of this month on the site~!!!  I'm trying to get to top rank so I can be featured in their publication, please help me reach that goal with your vote~ =)

you can sign up for free, then you can browse all the artists on there and give them stars, please give some stars to my art works, your generosity will be appreciated~ <3


Rachel Ann Millar said...

I'd be happy to give you some stars, since I think you do 5 star work!

Juan Bitmap said...

your art is awesome *__*

Especially considering that is all manual, without using digital editing programs.